Featured Case
Sara needs a Caesarean Section

Lucy will have to "fight for her life"
Read about Lucy and her struggle to survive tetanus.
Jack has a birth defect
Read about Jack and the surgical repair of his birth defect.
Molly has hypogylcemia
Read about Molly's fight against pancreatic cancer and the efforts to prolong her life.
Daisee and her Paranephric Pseudocysts
Follow this photo essay as you read about Daisee's unusual condition.
Samantha has Hypoparathyroidism
Read about Samantha's unusual hormonal condition
Three Cases of Chronic Kidney Failure
Read about these three senior citizens and their battle with kidney failure
Brandy's Close Encounter at the Beaver Pond
After being lost, Brandy was found collapsed in a pool of blood
Milo Swallows A Penny
Read about Milo's foreign body and how it was removed from his stomach without surgery
Mozart: Two Hundred Pounds of Emergency
Read about Mozart and his emergency surgery for Gastric torsion
Teddy and His Cruciate Ligament Repair
Follow this photo essay of Teddy's surgery
Chips and Multiple Myeloma
Meet Chips, and read about his problem and his progress
Cosby: A Dog With an Attitude
Meet Cosby, a wonderful geriatric, having a good time in spite of his many metabolic problems
Bugsy: A Trauma Case
Bugsy, badly injured by a car, arrived at our hospital as a stray
Jordan has Addison's Disease
Read about how Jordan's problem revealed itself, and his treatment for this life threatening disease

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