Karen Dettman, CVT

Karen Dettman, CVT

Karen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts.

In August of 1999 Karen became a Certified Veterinary Technician. Preparing for, taking and passing this vigorous examination was a major accomplishment. We are very proud of Karen.

She has had a life-long passion for animals and has shared her life with many well-loved pets. Besides her cats and dogs, she has raised dairy goats and finches.

Karen joined the staff of Berkshire Veterinary Hospital in 1979. It was clear from the start that her patient care skills would be an asset to our group. Karen often talks about the unconditional love animals give to people. She makes it her goal to return that affection by making certain that every patient in her care feels cherished and comfortable. Her contribution is a most important part of our hospital.

When you call our hospital and Karen answers the phone you will quickly sense her dedication to our patients and our clients. Her many years of experience have helped her recognize subtle symptoms of potentially serious problems. She feels a great sense of satisfaction with her work because she knows she can help animals and people, and she can make a difference.

Karen and Kris Woodger with Karen’s dog Hula