Leading Edge Care

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital is proud to be on the leading edge of veterinary medical and preventative care. Our 6500 square foot facility located on five acres in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is equipped with some of the latest in medical technology for your pet’s health.

A high frequency radiology machine provides excellent radiographic imaging with reduced x-ray exposure to your pets. This unit coupled with our Eklin Direct Digital system, increases the diagnostic quality of every radiograph taken. Our GE Logiq colorflow ultrasound unit makes it possible to be even more thorough with our medical, cardiac, and reproductive work-ups. Our fiberoptic endoscope makes it possible to thoroughly examine the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. Biopsies can be obtained and foreign bodies removed without invasive surgery. Our doppler and oscillometric blood pressure monitors now make it possible to accurately monitor blood pressure in cats as well as dogs. Our surgery suites are equipped with isoflurane anesthetic machines, respirators, and radiosurgery units. Our pulse oximeters, respiratory, echocardiographic, and temperature sensing monitors increase patient safety during surgical procedures. Modern dental services are provided with digital dental radiography and our IM3 Pro 2000 high speed dental unit. Dental cleanings, polishing and fluoride treatments are provided by an on-staff dental hygienist. Our hospital has a complete in-house hematology and microbiology laboratory. A full-time laboratory technician provides the fast and reliable service that is often needed for critical patients.