Lisa Smith, CVT

Lisa Smith, CVT

Lisa first joined our group in September 1990. Her attention to detail and obvious love of her work quickly made her an asset to BVH. Lisa has a wide range of abilities but her favorite area is working as a surgical technician.

Lisa became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 1994. This is a substantial accomplishment for a veterinary assistant. A great deal of knowledge and experience is required to become certified. Maintaining certification status involves a continued commitment to continuing education. Lisa fulfills the necessary requirements as she attends veterinary technician continuing education seminars throughout each year. Lisa currently heads up the continuing education program at Berkshire Veterinary Hospital.

Lisa and a friendly feline patient

Lisa’s devotion to our patients, combined with her superior technical skills, furthers our efforts to do our best in providing advanced and compassionate veterinary care.

Lisa assisting Dr. King in surgery