Our Staff

John D. Makuc
Gerald P. Lemieux
Michael J. King
Barbara A. Wohlfahrt
JD Jerolmon
Morgan Hussey
Cathy Hall, CVT, RVDTKaren Dettman, CVTLisa Smith, CVT
Erin Frissell, CVTStephanie Nebesnak, CVTTracy Manning
Marsha CovelSandra ClarkDarlene Weeks
Robin MonterossoMelissa GreinerEmily Renzi
Shelly PoirotKatelynn CowdreyBreanna Wojtaszek
Crystal MontemoinoCourtney Culpepper

We are proud of our facility, our state of the art equipment, and our quest for the most current knowledge. But we know that above all else, it is our staff that is most important. Berkshire Veterinary Hospital is the magic that happens when people combine their strengths with the talents of others to reach a common goal. It takes all of us to do what we do.

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital is truly a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.