Tracy joined the staff of Berkshire Veterinary Hospital in 1988. Tracy plays a key role in the management of our front desk and reception area. She has an ability to "get things done" that is greatly appreciated by everyone on staff. She not only has great ideas but she carries them to the "goal post". It's hard to believe she's been a part of our group for almost twenty years.

Tracy really enjoys our clients and their pets. Over the years she has gotten to know many of them personally and our clients have gotten to know her. It makes her happy when people ask for Tracy. Tracy also enjoys the first time client and their new pet. It's an opportunity to make a new friend, to answer their questions, and to help them get the most out of that very special human-animal bond. It is always apparent that Tracy is proud of "her hospital" and finds great satisfaction in her work.

Tracy Cahalan

Tracy caring for one of Casper's puppies
delivered by Drs. Wohlfahrt and Makuc
at 3 AM on Sunday morning

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital
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