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This site was designed and coded by Jeremy P. Lemieux, son of Drs. Lemieux, who majored in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts.

Much of the artwork was drawn by Maureen Fahey, a long-time friend and Berkshire Veterinary Hospital client.

Many of the photos were taken by Drs. Lemieux and King, as well as Rosie Lemieux Prevost, Dr. Lemieux's sister, a professional photographer living in Northern Vermont.

This site has been divided into five major sections, although each of these in turn may be interlinked with another where appropriate. These sections, which you should also see listed in the left frame, are:

  • Welcome
    This section contains information about Berkshire Veterinary Hospital. By traveling through the hyperlinks on either side of our sign, you will learn about our hospital and our long term committment to compassionate and leading edge veterinary care.
  • Our Staff
    Our hospital's success is due to the combined efforts of many people. We are fortunate to have many long term doctors and paraprofessionals. Meet the people that make it happen at BVH. We are very proud of them.
  • Cases
    This section features some of our interesting cases and patients.
  • Information
    This section contains information written or reviewed by BVH staff. We will add to these topics and update them as new information becomes available.
  • Links
    This area contains links to sites that we have found to be very informative and enjoyable.

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If you're intent on using Internet Explorer and have not upgraded to 4.0, we suggest upgrading, as not only is the Javascript updated, the browser interface itself is more user-friendly.

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