Community Services

Veterinary Explorer Post #730

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital is the host for the national award winning Veterinary Explorer Post #730. Explorer posts are a division of The Boy Scouts of America and exist across the United States to give male and female high school students the opportunity to explore various professions. The Berkshire Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Explorer Post #730 was established in 1982. Veterinarian Michael King and several staff members donate a tremendous amount of their time to help students organize this post. Explorers from regional high schools visit the hospital on a weekly basis and get a close-up view of veterinary medicine. Monthly educational meetings are presented by Dr. King and staff. The highlight of each year is the annual field trip, that has included traveling to such locations as Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Tuft’s New England Veterinary Hospital, Angel Memorial Animal Hospital, the New England Aquarium, the Mystic Aquarium, Catskill Game Farm, the Heiffer Project Internation Headquarters, and the Bronx Zoo. In 1989 this explorer post received national recognition as AVMA’s Explorer Post of the year.

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital offers free care for injured wildlife. Over the years we have treated a wide variety of native wildlife, including a number of bobcats, fawns, racoons, fox, skunk, possum, and a variety of birds. Special permits are required for the care of any wildlife. This service is not funded by any state or federal program, it is a donation from our hospital to this community.With the relatively recent arrival of Rabies in our area it is very important that citizens use extreme caution when dealing with injured wildlife. Trained wildlife management personnel should be called to handle injured animals.

Spay and neuter programs for people with financial need

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital participates in the following spay and neuter programs:

  1. SNAP: A program offered through the MSPCA through which our hospital reduces it’s normal fee by 50% for individuals that have proven financial need. This program is not funded by any state or local organization. It represents a donation from the hospitals providing the service.
  2. Concerned Citizens for Animals: Reduced fee spays and neuters are provided for pets that qualify with this organization.
  3. Berkshire Humane Society: Reduced fee spay and neuters are offered for pets adopted from this organization.
  4. Bennington Humane Society: Reduced fee spays and neuters are offered for pets adopted from this organization.
  5. Spay Day USA: For Spay Day USA we offer free spays and neuters for cats owned by people in financial need.

Rabies Cinics

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital offers a number of Rabies clinics throughout Berkshire County. Besides offering a convenient vaccination for pet owners, these clinics are also fund raisers for the sponsoring organization.

Hemopet Blood Products

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital maintains a supply of Canine Packed Red Blood Cells and Fresh Frozen Plasma distributed by Hemopet, a licensed non-profit blood bank in Irvine California. These products are available 24 hours a day to Berkshire County Veterinarians.