Community Services

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital offers free care for injured wildlife. Over the years we have treated a wide variety of native wildlife, including a number of bobcats, fawns, racoons, fox, skunk, possum, and a variety of birds. Special permits are required for the care of any wildlife. This service is not funded by any state or federal program, it is a donation from our hospital to this community.With the relatively recent arrival of Rabies in our area it is very important that citizens use extreme caution when dealing with injured wildlife. Trained wildlife management personnel should be called to handle injured animals.

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital offers a number of Rabies clinics throughout Berkshire County. Besides offering a convenient vaccination for pet owners, these clinics are also fund raisers for the sponsoring organization.

Hemopet Blood Products

Berkshire Veterinary Hospital maintains a supply of Canine Packed Red Blood Cells and Fresh Frozen Plasma distributed by Hemopet, a licensed non-profit blood bank in Irvine California. These products are available 24 hours a day to Berkshire County Veterinarians.