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Berkshire Veterinary Hospital


The American Kennel Club Online

Visit the online home of the American Kennel Club, devoted to purebred dogs and responsible ownership since 1884.

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA Online)

The AVMA’s expansive Online presence, containing a breadth of information for both pet owners and Veterinarians. There are also several features specifically geared toward children, including a pet stories archive.

The Cornell Feline Health Center

This veterinary medical specialty center, based at Cornell, is dedicated to providing improved health and welfare of cats. The FHC has many articles and other pieces of information online that cat owners should find both interesting and helpful.

Ferret Central

Simply the most comprehensive resource online regarding ferrets. If you’re at all interested in this mischievous little animal, this site is a must-see.

Healthy Pet

AAHA’s award-winning, family-oriented site, with a particular focus on providing an enjoyable experience for children. Also contains useful information ranging from the basics of Veterinary medicine to finding a local AAHA accredited Hospital.

Plants Toxic to Animals

A project by Mitsuko Williams, this site brings together information from various sources to provide a comprehensive resource on plants toxic to animals.