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Pet Wellness Exams in Pittsfield, MA

Preventative care is vital to the health of your pet. We recommend that all dogs and cats receive an annual physical exam though, depending on their age and physical health, more frequent visits may be recommended.

Pet Wellness Exams

A crucial aspect of your pet’s preventative treatment is an annual wellness assessment. They provide your vet the chance to examine your pet for any potential health issues and to administer any necessary booster shots. In our opinion at Berkshire Veterinary Hospital, every dog and cat should get an annual wellness examination.

We will examine your pet physically, thoroughly review their medical history, and talk with you about any health concerns you may have. We will also suggest any preventative care steps that may be necessary, such regular blood tests. Having annual wellness checkups is a crucial part of maintaining your pet’s wellbeing. To make an appointment, give us a call right away.

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